Im not saying its bad....actually the opposite.

We looked at RDS 18months ago and I bust a gut trying to get my management 
interested in buying it....I finally got an agreement but were told by Redhat 
sales AP that it was no longer being sold as they couldnt support it but to 
look at freeIPA 2 because this was a great product and would be supported.

So Ive gone and persuaded my line managers to take a good look at IPA, I get 
them interested on me doing a POC but AP Sales are now telling me the same 
thing for IPA as they did RDS....they dont foresee selling it in AP for the 
foreseeable future if ever....mainly because they tell me they cant support it. 
 Now its possible they dont have a clue...but I cant keep waiting for ever and 
based on past actions that doesnt seem wise.

So my point is if someone joins this "open-source" group with the intention of 
using this next year they should be aware there is a risk it wont be 
commercially supported by Redhat in their region....so in effect they could be 
wasting their time.

In terms of a product Im not saying its rubbish, Im actually so pissed because 
I think from its overall design, its easy to use and simple interface and to 
its nuts and bolts it will be a good product and do exactly what we need.....Im 
annoyed because I will probably not be able to use it!


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On 04/21/2011 04:11 AM, Steven Jones wrote:
> Hi,
> Anybody contemplating using Free-ipa should check with Redhat sales in their 
> region before getting interested. It seems freeipa wont be sold in all 
> regions, as an example in Asia Pacfic like RDS it may never be sold....or at 
> least it may years away. So without access to the replication/AD sync channel 
> and no support envisaged I would think its of limited use....

I am not sure this is the accurate information.
It was true regarding v1 but it most likely will be different with v2.
I do not think the information you are commenting on is even shaped
internally as the official sales of IPA will start only with 6.2. IPA is
in tech preview in 6.1.
The access to replication bits is in fact needed via Red Hat contact.

I am really not sure what you are trying to say with this post?
"IPA is bad, do not use it?"

It seems that supporting something requires knowledge and right people.
It might be very well possible that Red Hat would not be able to ramp up
the right support resources for all geographies day 1. It is the
question of time and demand.

FreeIPA - community release is available and supported using the
standard "best effort" model across the globe.
It is unclear what other expectations are not met.

> Oops.....
> regards
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