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Steven Jones wrote:


Digging through docs / googling I cant see any disk partition
suggestions and size thereof requirements...

Suggestions please?  sizing for 500 servers, 2000 desktops, 5000+

Especially around having different sections of the IPA master of
different raid groups if that's needed...

It depends in part how you use IPA. A bare-bones user entry is about
1k, a host that has a certificate is about the same. There is some
amount of overhead in the DIT and you'll need to consider the space
for groups, how many kerberos services you'll deploy (also about 1k
in size) and what other features of IPA you'll use. We have quite a
few indexes into the data, that will take some room too.

I think additional RAM will be better than terabytes of disk. 389-ds
is going to try to cache much of this data, and with this number of
entries it can probably keep most if not all of the database in memory.

We haven't done any analysis on different FS performance.

Does that help?


Would you consider these documents describing sizing and performance
tuning of the RH DS to be comparable/transferable to IPA?

Yes these documents are applicable and can be used to tune up DS server
under IPA.

Be careful to note that in the first document the disk space assumptions are for 100 byte entries and some (but not all) of the IPA entries are 10x that.

Thanks for the links Sigbjorn.



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