Stamper, Brian P. (ARC-D)[Logyx LLC] wrote:

It’s enough of an issue that I’d spend the 1-2 hours to reinstall my
server and 1 client. I just find it really odd that the default would be
so high. I’m all for avoiding conflicts, but I can’t think of too many
systems that would have a billion users. The help on the server
installer says the idstart is random. I’d rather skip 1000 UIDs than 1.3
billion, I just find the numbers unwieldy. Browsing the web, it looks
like the default is random between 1m and 2^31. I’d just prefer it be in
the 4-6 digit range, as I do still use UIDs numerically on occasion.

I have no issue with the default being what it is, most people may not
care what their UID range actually is. I just want to know if it can be
changed manually or if I have to reinstall. I’m still in an evaluation
phase with a testing system anyway, so I’ll just add it to my notes when
I deploy to something I might use in production.

Modify the dnanextvalue and dnamaxvalue options in the entry:

cn=Posix IDs,cn=Distributed Numeric Assignment Plugin,cn=plugins,cn=config



On 6/13/11 3:22 PM, "Steven Jones" <> wrote:


    The docs say they do this to try and avoid clashes with other
    organisations in case of a merger.

    Another reason I can see is possibly Shiboleth (Federation) which
    I/we have to do. So is changing it that much of an issue?


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    Subject: [Freeipa-users] Change UID range

    After installing, I’ve noticed that my UIDs for freeipa start at 1.3
    billion. Now, this isn’t technically a problem, but it is ... Odd.
    Is there a way to change this value after install, or am I stuck
    uninstalling and reinstalling with the --idstart value set to get
    this to a more reasonable number?


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