Loris Santamaria wrote:

I would like to use my freeIPA v2 server as my master name server and
have other normal (non ldap based) bind servers as caching / secondary
name servers. Ideally the clients would query only the secondary servers
and the secondary name servers would perform regular zone transfers from
the master server.

So I'm trying to setup zone transfer in my IPA based name server. First
of all I see that the attribute "idnsAllowTransfer" referenced in the
bind-dyndb-ldap documentation is not really supported in the schema
installed in IPA. Next, using a global "allow-transfer" in named.conf
doesn't work also.

Are zone transfer supported with bind-dyndb-ldap? Am I doing something


We don't currently support idnsAllowQuery and idnsAllowTransfer but we have a ticket open to add it: https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/1211


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