On 08.07.2011 14:35, Oliver Falk wrote:


Why do you think winbind is broken? It works fine on my machines…


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Authconfig will definitely help you to configure nsswitch.conf and Kerberos (i.e. the easy bits), but the hard work with configuring winbind or ldap library has to be done manually anyway (assuming winbind is working correctly - unfortunately winbind is hopelessly broken in the last versions of Samba and none seems to care).


On 08.07.2011 14:18, Stephen Gallagher wrote:

Last I heard, authconfig-tui was deprecated and could be expected not to
work with SSSD (aka for freeipa-client). What you want to use is either
authconfig-gtk (if you need a graphical interface) or just use
authconfig from the command-line and pass it the appropriate arguments.
See 'authconfig --help' for details.
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