Jimmy wrote:
I have been using the interface from a Linux client on Firefox just
fine, but now I need to configure a windows client to access the web
interface. I have the win7 client logged in using a FreeIPA user,
authenticated against the realm, and when I browse to the web page I
still get another log in box but no matter what I do not get access, or
the browser cannot access the ticket the system has. I enabled the
"Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" option in IE. After that
wasn't working I even installed the MIT KFW to make sure I was really
getting a ticket(not really expecting that it would fix the problem.)

I am searching for this fix actively, but figured I'd ask here in case
someone had the answer at hand.

Firefox in Windows will work with the MIT client but not IE. For IE to work you need to enable fake basic auth fallback, http://freeipa.org/page/UIPasswordAuth . This isn't really ideal but the only workaround we know of.


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