On 11/17/2011 01:40 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Thu, 17 Nov 2011, John Dennis wrote:
My guess is this is due to the fact these jars changed their location. The
symlinks to the jars are established by pkicreate. We have a bug open to
enchance pkicreate (or add a new tool) which will adjust the links after an
upgrade (sorry don't recall the bz number off the top of my head, could did
it up if necessary).

You can cd to /var/lib/pki-ca

and do an ls -l on




and inspect the symbolic links to see if any are dangling. If so adjust the
link to point to it's new location.


Thanks so much.


Were all broken, pointing into /usr/lib/. Changing them to link to
/usr/lib64 allowed pki to start properly and I can make changes to the
host entry.

It sounds like you have a fix for this in progress, or do I need to file a bug?

Found the bugzilla, it's


It's filed against Red Hat Certificate System in RHEL, not dogtag in
Fedora. Adam do you want to clone it into Fedora?
I'll add symlinks update into freeipa F15->F16 upgrade script. At
worst, if 728598 will be fixed in Fedora as well, that part of the
code will do nothing.

Tickets 2103 and 2117 in upstream FreeIPA are for tracking that.

Just one thing to be careful of, you want to make sure the link points to the preferred entry in the filesystem. What do I mean by that? There are unversioned names in /lib which are links to the versioned entry, the preferred name is the unversioned link name. There may be similar redirection occurring for mulit-lib, see below.

Where am I going with this? A few months ago there was a lot of back and forth discussion over where and how jni jars (those which have arch specific components) would be named and located to accmodate multi-lib. I don't recall how the Fedora java-sig folks finally resolved this issue, mharmsen (Matt) would probably know as he responsible for the packaging of these components and is the person who moved them, the aforementioned bz is also assigned to Matt.

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