Hi, page 10 lists ports but not what happens with them...

For instance I am now in a very secure environment and find when I do a 
ipa-client-install the client connects to port 80 and retrieves a 
ca.crt........now I have to wait 3 days to get port 80 opened up...to the IPA 

If I had better docs then I can make the request before hand....

This of course is the first failure.....if say I find that the 
ipa-client-install script uses 443 next I will have to wait another 3 
days......if I find there are 4 un-documented port calls to get an client 
install to work......well its a week to 2 weeks wait....


Steven Jones

Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

0064 4 463 6272

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