On 12/02/2011 04:06 PM, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
1) SSSD caching instead of nscd
Winbind has its own cache. We do not want to implement the yet another one 
causing confusion, do we?
2) Support for multiple AD domains without trust
If needed, winbind itself should provide this functionality.
3) One-to-one mapping of identity domain to authentication domain (so
you're not exposing your password to multiple authentication domains
until you find the right one, as with traditional PAM).
Yes, That's true, but honestly, who is using it, is it worth the effort?

I am not saying no, of course, everything has its own special use. What I think that we need is the *simplicity*. We need to have a clear and simple rules where to go if windows/ipa/... backend is needed. Most system admins see sssd as a cleverer libnss_ldap.so provider - and that is how it should stay, I believe....


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