On 01/06/2012 04:55 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
The cli outputs a base64 blob of data.

Yes, it output a base64 blob to stdout. But that base64 blob is completely non-standard as an exchange format, it's just a textual encoding of the binary DER data.

However the cli can write PEM format to a file using the --out option. PEM is standard and you should have no problems finding code that accepts PEM. I would strongly suggest you stick to standard PEM and use utilities to convert it to DER only if the software you're importing it is borked and can't accept PEM.

If you took that and ran it through a base64 decoder you'd have DER
format. You can't get DER directly right now. We could probably add
an option to write a file in DER format if you wanted to open an RFE
on our trac instance.

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