> > Here they are.
> > I think that it is not worth sending an attachment of over 1.2MB to the
> > entire list, even if I don't have any personal data in them.
> Thanks. Could you please edit /usr/sbin/ipactl and change timeout
> parameter at lines 125 and 128 to something greater than 6? Maybe 10
> or even 15... The parameter is seconds to time out:
> ..
>           wait_for_open_socket(lurl.hostport, timeout=6)
> ..
>           wait_for_open_ports(host, [int(port)], timeout=6)
> ..
> Looks like your VM is so slow that ipactl simply times out to wait for
> the directory server to respond. We've seen this before with some
> other VMs.

Good catch!
I tried with 25, but same result :-(
I tried with 45 and now it is up!

Please, could you confirm that the following "exited" is not bad thing:

[root@freeipa04 ~]# systemctl|grep ipa
ipa.service               loaded active *exited*        Identity, Policy,
ipa_kpasswd.service       loaded active running       IPA Kerberos password

Thanks a lot!

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