Brian Topping wrote:
I'm new to FreeIPA and have some questions.  I've searched the archives for 
similar articles and found, but with 
some differences.  Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but hope that answers to 
these questions might help others through the archives.

*** I saw the announcement that 2.1.4 from the updates-testing repo is "strongly 
advised".  In the previous message, I saw that deploying a production server on 
Fedora was a bad idea.  2.1.3 is the last version available on the CentOS repos.  Is that 
one reasonable to use?  Are there any gotchas that I should know about like disabling 
selinux?  Is 2.1.3 usable while waiting for 2.1.4 to hit the CentOS repos?

RHEL (and therefore CentOS) versioning can be misleading because it tends to not move much over time despite patches being added. ipa 2.1.3-9 is more or less equivalent to FreeIPA 2.1.4 (a number of features are disabled, perhaps a patch or two not backported).

The advisory is to pick up the CSRF fix which can be found in both versions.

Deploying in production in Fedora can be fine you just have to accept that the window of support for any given release is relatively short (~13 months).

*** AD synchronization is under active development, but I'm wanting to work 
with Open Directory.  The last references I've seen to it on the user list was 
with 1.x.  I've seen the opaque objects in the OD schema, realize the OD schema 
is rather fluid and understand that maintaining an integration like that may 
not be productive for such a small audience.  On the other hand, are there 
configurations with limited replication or referrals that might provide basic 
interoperability?  I haven't been too successful with getting Apache Directory 
Studio connected to FreeIPA so I can browse around, but does anyone have some 
insights they could share on this?  Anyone have FreeIPA working at any level 
with OpenDirectory that they could share insights about?

389-ds is our LDAP server so we generally support what it can do. AFAIK it does not do replication with OD. What is it you want to replicate, what direction, etc?

I've never used the Apache studio but others have reported success. It is probably just a matter of getting your basedn right (e.g. dc=example,dc=com) and perhaps providing a bind user (cn=Directory Manager). Are you getting specific error messages, that might help troubleshoot things.



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