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> >>>
> >> I don't think so, but can you provide some examples?
> >
> > If I understand the customers use-case correctly (and this is quite a
> > disclaimer) they have _most_ of their users in one sub-tree in AD but
> > also some users spread out all over the AD.
> >   So I gather that I really should sync the entire AD. Or that I
> > _possibly_ could specify multiple sub-trees to sync, but still only on a
> > subtree level and not individual users to sync. Or that I really should
> > wait for the trust-to-AD feature to be ready... Is that correct?
> How would they identify which users they would want sync'd? Is this 
> something we'd be able to build a filter on (not that we actually 
> provide a configurable filter right now)?

I'll check that, but won't all of this become moot once we can trust an
AD domain? 
If this filtering would become a show-stopper I'll get back to you, but
if schedule permits, I'd rather wait for the trust feature rather then
develop a new feature for this.

David Juran
Sr. Consultant
Red Hat

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