Hi follks,

 I'm completely lost at reading the IPA document on how to promote a IPA 
replica into master IPA. When I'm try to follow the steps listed in the chapter 
'16.8.1 Promoting a Replica with a Dogtag Certificate System CA' at the link 
 the last steps 'g' said:

   g. Disable the redirect settings for CRL generation requests:
        master.ca.agent.port=port number

The above instructions don't give any hints of 'hostname', or 'port number'. 
users don't have any clues about them, should them be this replica's name, or 
the original master's name? and what is the por
t number? it is a TCP port, or a UDP port?

As a serious evaluator of IPA, I have to think more above just for fun. So it 
is a natural thought to think about disaster recovery and smooth/continuous 
operations(simulation and real case): how to back up data, how to promote 
replica into master, etc. But this document just post quite way too much 
challenges for me. :)

Any one who have successfuly passed this test, please shed a light here. Thanks 
a lot.

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