Steven Jones wrote:

"proper" isnt defined as such, but yes in an ideal world.... Trouble is we have 
so many servers that we patch over 2 or 3 early start mornings, until now we did test 
first, then we have to start to separate them....

Right, this is why we fixed the bug.

also will  IPA server on 6.3 collide with IPA server on 6.2?   It would be 
"proper" to only upgrade one IPA at a time in case the upgrade buggered 
IPA....otherwise I have to do all at once.......and if it goes wrong I'm left with 

It will be fixed to work in 6.3 GA. The client enrollment will succeed but you won't get the 6.3 features (like SSH host keys uploaded). The ipa tool is not downward compatible, so a 6.3 ipa tool will not work with a 6.2 server but the reverse WILL work.


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