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Thanks John for reply.

Ok. So basically it integrate various subsystems required to have a full
fledged AAA system and give the end user a single controlling interface
to control various components.

Excellent summary.

So will its webgui enable to control 389, Krb and Radius configurations

The web gui controls 389 and KRB configuration and the data those services operate on.

We currently do not support radius, however it's on the roadmap. A fundamental problem with radius is many of the authentication protocols used in radius require access to a cleartext password or hash. So far we've been assiduous in not storing and exposing this material for security reasons. There are possible solutions but we've decided there are more import features to address first.

Because if I see each of these components individually each needs
to be setup separately with lot of pain.

Absolutely, the pain threshold of setting those component up and getting them to play together is high. One of the primary design goals of FreeIPA is to eliminate those pain points so you can focus on administrating your user base.

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