What do you feel is the biggest struggle?

Is it the base core features, or is it external integration pains for things 
feature that don't exist yet?


Core functionality is fine and I'm very impressed with the ui and IPA's paper 
capability. You are correct nothing else on paper at least comes close.....and 
Ive tried a few things searching for a solution, FDS, 389...Sun's, Novell's 
Oracle's LDAP/IdMs...all ouch....Given time I think IPA will be an award winner 
personally....it will be/is like AD, a gamer changer....


The two things that hurt me a lot is yes lack of external integration and fault 
finding.  The former can be "easily" fixed with a depth of docs that will come 
in time. Partially this means I think that RH needs to engage with hardware 
vendors like EMC, Bluearc, Bluecoat (to name my three pain points) to provide 
accurate docs at least and if possible make it easier....with automation....Im 
trying to get there and I will write up howtos....Im doing NFS and Bluearc at 
present, EMC and Bluecoat soon.  Doesn't help that I lack fundamentals in some 
areas....that isn't IPA's fault.

The biggest obvious issue I have day to day is fault finding IPA, improving 
message codes would be one area to look at....


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