I've read that the schema compatibility plugin should provide a vanilla RFC 
2307 view of groups with memberUid attributes. I need this for our OS X 
clients, which don't seem capable of understanding the RFC 2307bis format of 
member DNs.

So, I enabled the plugin using `ipa-compat-manage enable` and ensured it's 
loaded via `ipa-compat-manage status`. I restarted the directory server.

However, I don't get memberUid attributes. I've seen some docs that say 
"cn=compat" should be added to the default base, but that returns nothing:

  ldapsearch -LLL -x -h sbgrid-directory -b 
cn=groups,cn=accounts,cn=compat,dc=sbgrid,dc=org cn=builders
  No such object (32)
  Matched DN: dc=sbgrid,dc=org

When I search the default base, things look unchanged (obviously, no memberUid 

  ldapsearch -LLL -x -h sbgrid-directory -b 
cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=sbgrid,dc=org cn=builders | grep member
  member: uid=ian,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=sbgrid,dc=org

I seem to remember when I first setup the FreeIPA server, there *was* a 
cn=compat tree... did disabling it at some point cause it to stop working?


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