Hi All,

Is there a weird restriction to UID 999 in ipa, as IPA keeps changing
the UID when I add a user with that number? (I've already checked the
UID isn't in use)

[root@sysvm-ipa ~]# ipa user-add administrator --uid=999 --gidnumber=132
--first=administrator --last=administrator
Added user "administrator"
  User login: administrator
  First name: administrator
  Last name: administrator
  Full name: administrator administrator
  Display name: administrator administrator
  Initials: aa
  Home directory: /home/administrator
  GECOS field: administrator administrator
  Login shell: /bin/bash
  Kerberos principal: administra...@example.com
  UID: 721000062
  GID: 132
  Keytab: False
  Password: False



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