Hi Everyone,

I can't figure out how to set up a FreeIPA based autofs from the docs
at http://docs.fedoraproject.org. The docs are pretty terse and don't
explain at all how the automount maps find thier way into LDAP or
precisly how it is a working (NON-FreeIPA) autofs setup gets converted
to LDAP based.  I don't understand how an /etc/ auto.master based
autofs is suppsed to convert to LDAP based on the instructions
provided.  There seems to be an entire setup step left undefined.

I sort of understand that the info that would typically reside in
"/etc/auto.home" will ultimately be provided by LDAP once everything
is set up. I'm just unclear on how to get there based on all the info
I can find via Google. Just how is it I need to push the required info
into LDAP? How are the automount maps managed once everything is LDAP

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. A mini-howto from start to
finish (start being NO autofs, finish being autofs + FreeIPA based
automounts)  would be even better.


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