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> Subject: [Freeipa-users] Desperate help requested.
> I've just been informed by my boss's boss's boss that, and I 
> quote from his ridiculous email:
> "we cannot use anything other than MS AD for authentication"
> I've spent months of time and much effort rolling out IPA, 
> consolidating authentication across our Linux and AIX 
> machines.  To paraphrase Babbage: I am not able rightly to 
> apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke 
> such a statement.
> Regardless, I need some help.  I need some help with 
> comparisons between FreeIPA and AD, and the problems and 
> issues one might encounter when trying to authenticate Unix 
> machines against AD.
> Anything that can show IPA being superior to AD for *nix 
> authentication.  Anything at all.  We have a similar number 
> of AIX and Linux servers.  We have a week before we have a 
> meeting to discuss this, and I'd like to be armed to the 
> teeth, if at all possible.
> Thanks for any help you can give.  And wish me luck.
> Thanks,
> --Jason

I faced a similar situation recently, but my version wasn't worded so

The line to take has already been pointed out - IPA managed sudo &
SELinux from a central point.  These concepts are entirely outwith the
capabilities of Active Directory.  You could also state the
yet-to-be-developed 'A' part of IPA for any Auditing requirements.

We also emphasised here that AD was written purely for Windows domains
and that the effort put in to allowing extra schema for Unix domains is
really not ideal.

You should state, if you have not already done so, that you plan to link
the AD and IPA domains (via a trust or a sync).  That will allay any
fears that users will have different passwords or even usernames to
access various machines.

So your boss's boss's boss can be assured that you are *authenticating*
against AD, but you should still be able to have IPA in there to manage
the idiosyncrasies of the Unix estate.

Hope this helps


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