Martin Kosek wrote:
On 08/30/2012 05:38 AM, george he wrote:
Hello all,
I have free-ipa set up on my lab machines all running Fedora 17.
Today the lab was moved to another building on campus and the IPs have to be
Now that the IPs are changed, I cannot even run kinit on the ipa-server.
The error message returned with kinit is "connot contact any KDC for realm
MYREALM while getting initial credentials"
What I have done to change the IPs is to run system-config-network, modify the
file /etc/hosts, and call the IT department to update the DNS server entries.
What else do I need to do to make the ipa work with the new IPs?
Thanks in advance for your help,

If you have FreeIPA with DNS support, you also need to update FreeIPA server
A/AAAA records in LDAP. ipa "dnsrecord-mod" command should be able to do that
if you have /etc/hosts set properly.

Besides that, you should be OK with the changes you already requested.
Important thing is that hostname cannot change, which as I understand is not
the issue.

With the changes I described, does the FreeIPA server start and works for you?
If not, please send error messages and we can sort it out.

You might want to check /etc/hosts too to be sure that it doesn't have stale IP entries.


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