Hi I'm currently using the free-ipa server on red hat enterprise 6.2.
Someone asked me to implement a distribution list on the system.
I would like to set up free-ipa in a way that I can create expandable groups 
that when I connect trough an email client  and I type the group defined in the 
ipa-server the group will expand all the email of user subscribed to that 
particular group.

Do I have to change the dif.ldif schema in order to achieve this ? 
I have heard that someone resolved this problem using the 
objectClass=groupOfNames but I couldn't find any explanation on how to 
implement this.

I don't know if the problem lies on the type of group to use or the base search 
on the ldap client, I need some clue on how to do this.

I hope someone can spread some light on this

Thank you in advance

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