On 12/20/2012 12:34 AM, David Copperfield wrote:
Hi Howdy,

  Two questions on IPA usage are listed below. Please help.

  1, How to reset a normal IPA user's password through web interface when the
password is expired?

  when the normal user's password is close to expiration but still not expired,
he/she can change it by self through the web interface https://ipaserver/.
Otherwise he/she has to do ssh/kinit to update his/her password. But the
problem is: quite some users are non tech-savy -- managers, marketing, sales --
and they have no ideas of Linux or Kerberos, what they can do is accessing a
web interface and filling HTML forms.

Hello David,

This feature was introduced in FreeIPA 3.0, you can see the relevant ticket:

When your IPA server is upgraded to this version (it will be part of next RHEL 6 minor version release), Web UI users with expired password will be automatically offered a form to reset it.

  2, When the freeIPA 3.0 and 3.1 series RPM will be available on Redhat 6?
does IPA version 3.0/3.1 has backup/restore solutions, and merged CA LDAP
instance and IPA LDAP instance?

Merged CA/LDAP instance is available in FreeIPA 3.1 which is not available in RHEL-6. As for Backup&Restore solution, a FreeIPA provided solution is not ready yet, but we have a ticket filed and planned already. You can take a look here:



   Presently the IPA version on redhat 6.3 is 2.2.0, I can wait if IPA 3.0 or
3.1 will comes out soon for redhat 6 and have the cool features.

Thanks a lot.


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