On 12/19/2012 11:24 PM, David Copperfield wrote:
Hi howdy,

  This is trying to confirm whether we still need to perform the steps of
cleaning RUV records, when a freeIPA master, or a replica is removed. Months
back it was rumored that some work was being done on underlying 389 LDAP and
the RNV cleaning steps would be obsoleted when IPA Master&replica servers were
removed, or removed and added back. The RUV staff could be found at

  Some one familiar with this topic please elaborate/confirm. Thanks a lot.


Hello David,

automatic clean up of RUV records is available from FreeIPA 3.0. You can see a relevant ticket:


With FreeIPA 3.0, CLEANALLRUV task is automatically run when a replica is being deleted. The task will clean all relevant RUV records on all FreeIPA replicas.

In FreeIPA 2.2.x and earlier, a manual RUV clean up procedure is needed (as described in the 389 DS wiki page) to clean deprecated RUV data.


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