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2013/1/10 Martin Kosek <mko...@redhat.com>:

If you want to do a custom build, you can either use a fedpkg and create a
scratch build of IPA with the patches applied or do a custom build from git
tree. Using the fedpkg tool + build in koji may be the safest way to build
such rpm that contain only the official build + chosen patches.


Hi, what I want to do is simply patch free ipa with that patch from
ipa-server 2.2.0 on my centos 6

any method that would retain current configuration?

You can do one of two things.

1) Download the source rpm matching the version you have installed, add the patch, rebuild the rpm locally, install the locally built rpm.

2) Apply the patch to the installed code, this is manual, there are opportunities to mess up a running system unless you're careful and it's not reproducible. But it can be faster and more expedient, most IPA devs do this all the time to try out potential fixes because it's so easy to edit installed Python code. However, if the patch in question depends on post install update run by the RPM install this won't (easily) work. The safest thing is option 1, build a patched RPM.

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