Joseph, Matthew (EXP) wrote:

I’m trying to configure the oneWaySync option for IPA so only the
Windows AD can replicate changes to IPA.

When I use the command that I listed below it says it works but when I
delete a user form IPA it will then delete the user in Active Directory.

Is my command listed below correct? Anyone able to help?

Server = rhserver
Domain =
Password = 12345678

Contents of /tmp/unisync;
dn: cn=ipa-winsync,cn=plugins,cn=config
changetype: modify
replace: oneWaySync
oneWaySync: From Windows

So I enter the following command;
*ldapmodify -x -D "dc=redhat,dc=ca" -w 12345678 –h -f

There should be no space in oneWaySync, it should be fromWindows.


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