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Sigbjorn Lie wrote:
 On 02/13/2013 04:10 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:

> > Also since we also require compatibility with Solaris, and roles > > (RBAC)
> >  is currently used on Solaris, does IPA support RBAC on Solaris ? (We
> > noticed that RBAC mentioned in the IPA web interface only relates to > > IPA
> >  management).
> > No, IPA doesn't support RBAC on Solaris.

 I've come across the same issue. This is just a matter of extending the

 Would there be any interest for adding the Solaris RBAC schema as a part
 of the standard IPA distributed LDAP schemas?

Is the schema enough? Won't people want a way from IPA to manage the data too?

Of course, integration in IPA is better, but having the schema integrated is a good first step. Besides, integration in IPA probably won't happen without RBAC support in Fedora/RHEL, right ?

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