Brent Clark wrote:
Ok, I have done as Steven Jones requested... here is the output from the

I am able to kinit to admin using the password.

issuing the ipa-replica-manage command on the replica for the replica <>: replica
  last init status: None
  last init ended: None
  last update status: -2  - System error
  last update ended: None

Same command but for the master
Failed to get data from '
<>': {'info': SASL (-1): generic failure:
GSSAPI Error: An invalid name was supplied (Cannot determine realm for
numeric host address)', 'desc':'Local error'}

I can ping, telnet on all the IPA ports and ssh to the main server from
the replica.

So... im confused.

Also on a whim, I was able to add a server to the replica and that host
info did make it to the master.

Sounds like a DNS issue. Make sure forward and reverse DNS works for


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