Hi there!

In a freshly installed FreeIPA server, I try:

# ipa migrate-ds
LDAP URI: ldaps://ldap.example.com
ipa: ERROR: no es posible conectar con u'ldaps://ldap.example.com': LDAP Server Down

This is a related line I found in the logfile:

[Fri May 03 12:30:53 2013] [error] ipa: INFO: ad...@example.com: migrate_ds(u'ldaps://ldap.example.com', u'********', binddn=u'cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com', usercontainer=u'ou=example,ou=users', groupcontainer=u'ou=example,ou=groups', userobjectclass=(u'person',), groupobjectclass=(u'groupOfUniqueNames', u'groupOfNames'), userignoreobjectclass=None, userignoreattribute=None, groupignoreobjectclass=None, groupignoreattribute=None, groupoverwritegid=False, schema=u'RFC2307bis', continue=False, basedn=u'ou=cuentas,dc=example,dc=com', compat=False, exclude_groups=None, exclude_users=None): NetworkError

Am I missing something? There is some prerequisites in the DNS server for this to work?

Of course, the IPA server has full network contact with the LDAP server (tcp/636), i see some packets doing a tpcdump in the LDAP server.

Is there a way to get a more verbose log output of what is going on?

Best regards.

Arturo Borrero González
Departamento de Seguridad Informática (n...@cica.es)
Centro Informático Científico de Andalucía (CICA)
Avda. Reina Mercedes s/n - 41012 - Sevilla (Spain)
Tfno.: +34 955 056 600 / FAX: +34 955 056 650
Consejería de Economía, Innovación, Ciencia y Empleo
Junta de Andalucía

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