Herb Burnswell wrote:

I am beginning to put an IPA environment together and will be inquiring
with the community on different issues.

First, regarding this list, I do not see a way to search archived posts
for answers.  I apologize if I am just missing how to do so, is there a
way to search for topics?

There is no built-in search command but you can use google, something like site:https://www.redhat.com/archives/freeipa-users/ <search-terms>

Second, I have attempted to subscribe to the list a couple times but
have not received any email notification and cannot log in via the
credentials I created.  Am I missing something or am I just waiting for
an approval from moderators or other?

I don't see any failed subscription requests. I went ahead and subscribed you.

Regarding IPA, my initial question is how do folks handle the root
user?  Is root maintained via IPA centrally or since it's a special
account is it sill maintained directly on all systems?

You always want to be able to log in locally as root if something goes wrong. sssd purposely excludes the root users for this reason.

If you want to limit root access then you'd be better of investigating SUDO and limiting who knows the root password(s).


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