Dean Hunter wrote:
Arthur, thank you for your response. You referenced the RHEL 6
equivalent of the Fedora FreeIPA Guide. And yes, I hope to use those
instructions soon. However, I am having trouble meeting the
preconditions as recommended by this tip in the manual you referenced:

11.2. Configuring Automount

Identity Management does not set up or configure autofs. That must be
done separately, as described in these procedures. Identity Management
works with an existing autofs deployment.

Test that the /home directory can be mounted from the command line
successfully before changing the automount configuration. Making sure
that NFS is already working properly makes it easier to troubleshoot any
potential IdM automount configuration errors later.

So I am looking for instructions for configuring auto-mount of home
directories for local users; especially any SELinux considerations.

Well, we purposely do all this hand-waving because it seems that everyone handles it differently.

For a straight mounting of directories based on UID then you should be able to use standard NFS variable replacement (either using your own automount configuration or the IPA centralized automount).

Are you seeing some SELinux problems?


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