Hey James,

One more thing, what are the values in the registry for your password sync 
The default option for the User Name Field was wrong. It was set to userid (or 
something similar to that) when it should have been uid. I don't think that's 
your problem but who knows what else might be wrong.

Also is your IPA sync user in the same OU as your normal users?


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Hey James,

Like I said the IPA user has read access at the domain level.
He is also a member of the domain users group.

I don't know why it's only working if you have him part of the administrator 

What does it say in the passync log on the AD server?

I tried to do the uni-directional sync but it never worked for me the way it 
was intended and I just stumbled on giving the user only read access to the 


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Hey James,

I configured my IPA server with winsync and I was in the same boat as you.

The IPA user that is created for Active Directory does not require write access 
to AD.
My IPA user only has read permissions to the domain and my passwords sync just 
fine. When I delete a user from IPA it does not delete it from AD.

Thanks; good to know that there is a way to do this.  I really don't see where 
I am going wrong.  The user I use for synching will only work if I put it in 
the "administrator" group.  And when I do, I have a two way synch - if I remove 
an account on the IPA server, it "disappears" also in the AD - even though I 

Do you by any chance have the specifics (permissions, groups etc.) of your user 
(in the AD) you use for synch'ing?




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Hello all,

I have been playing with trying to set up synchronization between windows AD 
--> IPA  following the instructions at

A few questions arise;

1.) The documentation (specifically on 
 (under table 9.2) talks about options to the "ipa-replica-manage connect" 
command. Among others, --bindpw and --passsync.  With --binddn we specify the 
"full user DN of the synchronization identity" (and it's password with --bindpw 
... but I fail to understand which users password should be used for 
"--passsync"??  Is it the same user?
The "--passsync" password is the password that you *will* use for the 
"passsync" user should you install the password synchronization package on your 
AD controllers. You are essentially setting this password preemptively.

2.) The documentation says that the "synchronization identity" (see also above) 
must exist in the AD domain and "must have replicator, read, search and write 
permissions on the AD subtree.  What I am trying to do is create a one way sync 
from AD --> IPA  and I would really like to avoid using a user (for synching) 
that has write permissions (in the AD).  All my tries in setting up 
synchronization fails unless I add the synch-user to the group 
"Administrators". I have tried (and failed) using "account admins" etc.   Any 
pointers here would be great. Sorry for my ignorance when it comes to Windows. 
I am sure I am missing something obvious.

Someone else can probably comment on this, but the IPA server will need to bind 
to the AD controller and pull the necessary information from the 
directory...which makes these rights a necessity.

3.) I follow the instructions under "9.4.5" 
 to setup Uni-directional sync. (only AD --> IPA), and yet, when I go to remove 
an account in IPA it gets removed also in the AD.  (This I really want to 
avoid, thus the need for a read-only user to do the synchronization - see 
question 2).
I do not recall IPA ever removing users from AD. From what I remember, only 
certain attributes were bi-directional and deletes were not performed on AD. 
Has this changed?

All in all I think the FreeIPA project is amazing and it really gives us in the 
Linux community something we haven't had before.   If I can iron out the 
problems above I am sure it will become a great tool for me and my client.

Any input would be most appreciated.



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