Sigbjorn Lie wrote:

I opened a RFE request almost 2 years ago for automount cross-location support, 
and recently I
discovered how it can be integrated.

It is possible to reference a LDAP map from outside what is set in the BASE_DN 

Consider the following. The BASE_DN is set to: 

Add an entry to the auto.master in location "default" like this and restart 
/test2 ldap 

I tested this on RHEL 6.4 and it worked just fine. Maps from the default 
location and the
specificed "test2" map is read and the entries are mounted successfully.

Now I can do this manually, but it would be nice to have this integrated in the 
IPA framework.

The only downside to this implementation is that I am not sure if this will 
work across platforms.
It might be a Linux automount feature only. Using features of 389ds such as the 
compat module to
mirror maps between automount maps would work on any platform.

It may be that the basedn for autofs is just to find the maps. For keys it can use the value directly because they point to real entries.

Its good to know that this works, but we still need some way internally to detangle these and present the values in a way that it is easy to pick and choose.

I suppose one idea would be to create a new kind of map share, common. This would only allow ldap keys which could point to any valid key.

A common map could be added to any location.

I'm not sure how we'd represent this using compat though.


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