As part of migration from passwd/shadow to IPA, I want to roll out IPA/SSSD
based password first for a small number of users and then for all. (same
goes with host. first small number of host and then all).

I was trying to limit it using max_id/min_id parameters in sssd but it does
not seems to work the way I expected.
min_id = 5000
max_id = 5100
So there is a user "kchandan" with UID/GID 20000
[root@tipa1 ~]# id kchandan
uid=20000(kchandan) gid=20000 groups=20000

But It is allowing me to login with that ID with only error showing GID
20000 not found.
ssh -l kchandan
kchandan@'s password:
id: cannot find name for group ID 20000

Is there any way to achieve this?



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