On 06/27/2013 12:01 AM, Andrew Wasielewski wrote:
I am pretty new to FreeIPA. I am setting up a server to manage a small
home network.


Server is running FreeIPA 2.2.2 on FC17. Client is on FC14. I had to
download the freeipa-client package (and others) from Koji as they were
no longer available for FC14 in the usual repos. I ran
ipa-client-install, but in the end had to apply most of the config
manually. However everything else (IPA domain user login, IPA web UI
etc.) that I would expect runs OK on the client. It is only automount
that is giving problems.

Fedora 14 has been unsupported for a year and a half (and Fedora 17 will reach end of life in a few months). You really should upgrade your systems.

What version of IPA did you download for F14?

I am sure I have got something very simple wrong...hopefully one of the
masters can put me right.




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