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> Hello is it possible to replicate FreeIPA Server with diffrent Minor
> versions?
> Currently we are running a FreeIPA Server on Fedora 19 since CentOS/RHEL
> only has a FreeIPA 2.X Server and we wanted the features of FreeIPA 3.X.
> Would it be possible to replicate that Server to a Red Hat Enterprise
> Linux 7 FreeIPA Server when it's arrive, when the minor version is diffrent
> and it is a 3.X Server? or does the Major, Minor needs to be completly the
> same?

Actually RHEL 6.4 has version 3.0.x of IPA. I was told that after the
release of RHEL 7, there will be a RHEL 6.x version of IPA (3.0.?) that
will support replication up to RHEL 7 (most likely version 3.2.x, 3.3.x or
wherever they get to before RHEL 7 release). I'm not sure about replication
from a Fedora IPA release to a RHEL release.

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