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    Hello is it possible to replicate FreeIPA Server with diffrent Minor
    Currently we are running a FreeIPA Server on Fedora 19 since
    CentOS/RHEL only has a FreeIPA 2.X Server and we wanted the features
    of FreeIPA 3.X.
    Would it be possible to replicate that Server to a Red Hat
    Enterprise Linux 7 FreeIPA Server when it's arrive, when the minor
    version is diffrent and it is a 3.X Server? or does the Major, Minor
    needs to be completly the same?

Actually RHEL 6.4 has version 3.0.x of IPA. I was told that after the
release of RHEL 7, there will be a RHEL 6.x version of IPA (3.0.?) that
will support replication up to RHEL 7 (most likely version 3.2.x, 3.3.x
or wherever they get to before RHEL 7 release). I'm not sure about
replication from a Fedora IPA release to a RHEL release.

That is correct. Replication between versions is a way to bridge from one release to another. One can create an agreement from a lower to a higher version, but not the other way around.

It is expected that users will quickly migrate all masters from the old version to the new one (days or weeks, not months).


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