No, I dont think so.  Ive asked this....you have to clean up AD / the contents 
of the container you are syncing.

We have 8000+ items at least 1/2 of which are not required, eg things like 
templates so when we sync we bring all of it across and it makes IPA a huge 
mess.  I'd like a rule to at least block something's eg anything called 
template*  which would help a lot.


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    Is there a way to limit what user accounts are synchronized from Active 
Directory?  There are around 15,000 entries in our production AD system, but 
probably only about 300 of those need to have an account in the IPA system.  
Can we set an attribute in the user information in AD that would flag that this 
is a candidate for replication, and lack of that attribute would cause an 
account to be skipped?

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