On 07/15/2013 06:42 PM, Murtha, Amy wrote:

We are looking for help or advice on how to customize the web UI to add or remove fields in the 
user configuration. For example, the default schema comes with a "car license" field in 
the Misc. Information section, which isn't very useful to us. Im told that particular info is in 
the "inetOrgPerson" schema; the suggestion was to create a local copy of that schema to 
modify, rather than modifying the base schema. In any case, we don't know exactly how to go about 
this. Any advice or suggestions how to customize the web UI?


Hello Amy,

Current possibilities of Web UI alternation are described at https://www.redhat.com/archives/freeipa-users/2013-June/msg00189.html .

What do you want to do with the 'inetOrgPerson' and 'car license' exactly?
Petr Vobornik

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