Sounds like future work and integrating with Satellite 6 when it comes.
We delete the post-install scripts before reboot at the moment, so we're
not in a bad way.
Thanks Dmitri


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        Sent: 03 September 2013 16:50
        Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] Automated Kickstart Enrollment
        On 09/03/2013 04:21 AM, Innes, Duncan wrote: 

                Hi folks,
                I've got a question about kickstart enrollment with a
one-time password.  Namely, is there any way that it can be done
*without* the one-time password.  We're comfortable with the
pre-creation of the host in IPA, but just wonder if there's a way to
enrol without the one-time password.  
                The estate is Red Hat (mostly 6) and we deploy systems
via kickstart from the Satellite.  Can the Satellite push out a
certificate from the IPA system that would allow client to enrol without
the OTP?  Our enrollment script runs as part of the kickstart
postinstall with the OTP effectively sitting in plain text in the
script.  Removing the OTP would remove the plain text authentication
from this script, but I may be opening other security holes as a result.

        There have been 3 ways about how the host can be enrolled:
        a) High level admin using his credential (no need to have a
pre-created host)
        b) Lower level admin using his credential (requires a
pre-created host)
        c) OTP based (requires a pre-created host)
        All provisioning methods that use static kickstart files would
have to have something injected into the kickstart. OTP is the safest
and if leaked can be used to only provision this specific system. The
fact that OTP was stolen can be detected easily by having a failed
enrollment of the valid system combined with IPA logs indicating that
there was a successful enrollment of the new host with the same name.
The fact that intruder was able to join a machine into IPA domain does
not escalate his privileges against other systems and since it can be
easily caught it is a risk but not a huge one.
        The right approach of cause is not to have the OTP stored in
kickstart but rather parameterized in some way. In Satellite 6 (that we
are looking at) this will be done via Foreman and its smart proxies. The
design is not polished yet but we hope that we would be able to limit
the exposure of the OTPs there. 
        Also a new provisioning method has been added in FreeIPA 3.2
mostly for re-provisioning - ability to provision if you already have a
        This method will be sort of equivalent to what you are asking
with a cert. But instead of the cert you would need to get keytab first
by creating a host and then using ipa-getkeytab command and passing
keytab to the kickstart. That can be done now and would address the
issue you are concerned about.

                Duncan Innes

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        Dmitri Pal
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        Red Hat Inc.
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