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>  On 09/03/2013 04:21 AM, Innes, Duncan wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've got a question about kickstart enrollment with a one-time password.
> Namely, is there any way that it can be done *without* the one-time
> password.  We're comfortable with the pre-creation of the host in IPA,
> but just wonder if there's a way to enrol without the one-time password.
> The estate is Red Hat (mostly 6) and we deploy systems via kickstart from
> the Satellite.  Can the Satellite push out a certificate from the IPA
> system that would allow client to enrol without the OTP?  Our enrollment
> script runs as part of the kickstart postinstall with the OTP effectively
> sitting in plain text in the script.  Removing the OTP would remove the
> plain text authentication from this script, but I may be opening other
> security holes as a result.
>  Hello,
> There have been 3 ways about how the host can be enrolled:
> a) High level admin using his credential (no need to have a pre-created
> host)
> b) Lower level admin using his credential (requires a pre-created host)
> c) OTP based (requires a pre-created host)
> All provisioning methods that use static kickstart files would have to
> have something injected into the kickstart. OTP is the safest and if leaked
> can be used to only provision this specific system. The fact that OTP was
> stolen can be detected easily by having a failed enrollment of the valid
> system combined with IPA logs indicating that there was a successful
> enrollment of the new host with the same name. The fact that intruder was
> able to join a machine into IPA domain does not escalate his privileges
> against other systems and since it can be easily caught it is a risk but
> not a huge one.
> The right approach of cause is not to have the OTP stored in kickstart but
> rather parameterized in some way. In Satellite 6 (that we are looking at)
> this will be done via Foreman and its smart proxies. The design is not
> polished yet but we hope that we would be able to limit the exposure of the
> OTPs there.
> Also a new provisioning method has been added in FreeIPA 3.2 mostly for
> re-provisioning - ability to provision if you already have a keytab.
> This method will be sort of equivalent to what you are asking with a cert.
> But instead of the cert you would need to get keytab first by creating a
> host and then using ipa-getkeytab command and passing keytab to the
> kickstart. That can be done now and would address the issue you are
> concerned about.
Hi Dimitri (or anyone who knows),

Is there anyway except for waiting for RHEL 6.5 to get FreeIPA 3.2+ running
in production? Really keen to get the re-provisioning functionality up and
running but don't want to run it on Fedora. Also can you generate a keytab
with ipa-getkeytab before you enrol a host, possibly when you add a host to
the ipa-server for the first time? Or is the pattern provision with OTP
first then backup keytab and provision with keytab after?


> Thanks,
> Dmitri
> Cheers
> Duncan Innes
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