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I have some services that need to work with a NIS server and I would
like to use slapi-nis plugin in order to use just FreeIPA as our
Directory Server.
The users were imported from a openldap server and the password
encryption is MD5.
I installed slapi-nis in the server and configure a NIS client(Red Hat
5.9) with FreeIPA server (Red Hat 6.3, FreeIPA: 3.0.0-26).
I'm able to get info of the users from NIS client (getent passwd
user_id) but when the user try to log in to the NIS client the
authentication fails.
Slapi-nis was installed and configured using the default options.
Any clue about this problem or How can I debug this?
From what you are describing, it looks like what I have fixed recently
in slapi-nis as side-effect of adding support for trusted domains.

Not sure if Nalin has backported this fix to older versions (slapi-nis
0.48 is in Fedora 19 at this point) but filing a bug against RHEL 6.3
would help in promoting the fix to stable packages.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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