On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 11:23:05AM -0500, cbul...@gmail.com wrote:
> I would like to continue using sudoers file for a while before to migrate it 
> to freeipa.
> I changed nsswitch.conf to use sudo just from file but when I try some 
> command that needs sudo privileges I get the error:
> sudo: pam_ldap: ldap_search_s No such object

Can you paste the full nsswitch.conf?

> I followed the recommendations from:
> www.freeipa.org/images/7/77/Freeipa30_SSSD_SUDO_Integration.pdf
> but when I add sudo in services at sssd.conf and restart sssd service it 
> fails for configuration error.

So why do you add sudo to sssd.conf if the plan is to use local sudoers?

Sudo integration was only introduced recently, it's not present on

> -ipa-server 3.0.0-26 (Red Hat 6.4)
> -ipa-client 2.1.3-7 (Red Hat 5.8)
> Any recommendation about this problem?

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