I'm getting ready to leave for the weekend, and this isn't the kind of thing I want to track down on a Friday, but if anyone has any ideas for things I should look at come Monday morning, I'd be very appreciative.

I've got a system with 12 replicas, and no matter which IPA server I log into and try to run "ipa" CLI commands on (even "ipa help"), I get my session terminated. I also tried from a client system that has the ipatools rpm installed, and in that case I got bounced out of my sudo'd root session.

I need to figure this out because something's obviously amiss, and we have discovered a number of systems that are lacking Kerberos keys. I was hoping the CLI would provide the mechanism to get them fixed. We're also trying to track down a 6-10 second delay every time a user logs in using SSSD to authenticate; the password check passes almost instantly, but something is taking up an additional bunch of time and my users are starting to complain. So I need to get past this so I can debug that.

Thanks, and have a great weekend, all.

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