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On 6.3.2014 14:32, Petr Spacek wrote:
now it is the right time to propose topics for theses in the next university

I propose "[RFE] IPA should support and manage DNS sites"

It is rotting in the backlog and we are not going to touch it any time soon.

There is very low amount of 'theory' behind it but IMHO it is complex enough: - Some theoretical analysis of our proposal sounds like a good idea. We don't know if it is the best way or not.
- Some testing with various *real* non-SSSD clients will be helpful.
- Analysis how this can work with DNSSEC will be helpful.
- This feature needs API/CLI/UI design. It is not clear how the workflow should look like etc.
- Support for roaming clients (in bind-dyndb-ldap) is missing.

The scope can be changed as necessary.

We need to check if those are still relevant
* https://thesis-managementsystem.rhcloud.com/topic/show/179/java-loginmodule-using-gssapi <- I heard JBoss guys are fixing it * We are talking to Mongo about this: https://thesis-managementsystem.rhcloud.com/topic/show/95/gssapi-auth-plugin-for-mongodb- I would consider pushing it lower in priority * Is this still not implemented: https://thesis-managementsystem.rhcloud.com/topic/show/14/support-the-native-ipa-sudo-schema- ? * Is this really needed any more? https://thesis-managementsystem.rhcloud.com/topic/show/13/document-the-internals-of-libldb-and-create-an-example-module-and-example-back-end It looks like Yassir's document covers a lot. * This https://thesis-managementsystem.rhcloud.com/topic/show/12/implement-support-for-additional-maps-for-the-sssd-fast-cache is still relevant but not a super high priority. * It is unclear whether this is needed any more: https://thesis-managementsystem.rhcloud.com/topic/show/11/implement-3rd-party-id-mapper-in-sssd- seems like people can either use existing mapper (green field case) or already have UID/GID that they need to put into the central server. * This one is taken: https://thesis-managementsystem.rhcloud.com/topic/show/10/create-openlmi-provider-for-management-of-the-client-components right? * https://thesis-managementsystem.rhcloud.com/topic/show/7/central-management-of-automount-locations-in-freeipa - does not seem like something worth time * This one would be really nice: https://thesis-managementsystem.rhcloud.com/topic/show/6/reporting-capability-in-freeipa * And this one would be nice too: https://thesis-managementsystem.rhcloud.com/topic/show/5/time-based-account-policies-in-freeipa

Here are couple more IPA ones that came to mind:
https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/1225 <- came up 3 times during this week (registering external certs, uploading XML token files etc.) May be it is a special IPA command like: ipa upload-and-run that would use scp to copy file to the server and then call a command on the server side using this file. Details need to be worked out.

On SSSD side I used a keyword to try to group all the tickets related to the state/status/health of SSSD. Here is what I got: https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/query?status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~Status&col=id&col=summary&col=keywords&col=status&col=owner&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&order=priority most in 1.13 so too soon but still there may be some work we can offer.

GNOME Keyring work

UID/GID solution

Chaining access providers:

One can dig more into 14-15 releases to see if there is anything else worth looking into.

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