On Thu, 13 Mar 2014 14:08:29 +0000 Jason wrote:
JW> Now if I create a new user in IPA. It will require a password change on
JW> logon.
JW> When I logon on the Mac with this new user. The password box wiggles
JW> and a box appears underneath it. "Reset your password". Saying I need
JW> to set a new password. So I enter a new password and I verify it. Then
JW> I click "Reset Password" and it wiggle... no matter how many times I
JW> try, it doesn't move on.

I don't have OS X, but every time I create a new test user on linux and log
in to test it, I get bit by the fact that the passwd change always asks for
the existing password first, before asking for the new password. So I have
to enter the original password once to login, once to make passwd happy,
and then enter the new password. Are you sure the dialog box isn't asking
for the existing password first?


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