>> I don't have OS X, but every time I create a new test user on linux and log
>> in to test it, I get bit by the fact that the passwd change always asks for
>> the existing password first, before asking for the new password. So I have
>> to enter the original password once to login, once to make passwd happy,
>> and then enter the new password. Are you sure the dialog box isn't asking
>> for the existing password first?
>> Robert
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> Well I still haven’t had any responses since that time.
> I wish we could resolve this since it’s the only little bit remaining to have 
> a full FreeIPA integration.

Yeh it's the only thing wrong for me.

To answer Robert's question though - the reset password is a pop up with an 
arrow to the login and the original password is still there - so I would assume 
so. Guessing this is gonna need deeper investigation though but I suspect it's 
more on the Apple side :-(

> BTW we also integrated sudo-ldap on our OSX machines. The only thing is that 
> you have to upgrade the sudo packages with this one.
> sudo-1.8.9p3.pkg
> and then:
> installer -pkg /prod/sysadmin/darwin/software/sudo/sudo-1.8.9p3.pkg -target /
> mv /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/sudo.orig
> ln -s /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/bin
> then you modify sudo-ldap and nsswitch.conf same thing as on the linux boxes.
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Thanks for that! We've not got around to any sudo and not really needed but 
it's great to know it's certainly possible and fairly straightforward!

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