Hi all; avid user of both FreeIPA and IPA for a few years now. I have a unique 
situation that I hope someone can provide some insight, or help with. I am 
presented a private, and public (floating) IP after RX a VM from my IaaS 
provider. The 'public' IP is NATted, and not visible from w/in the VM, but is 
reachable outside of the VM.

In other words, if you were to do an 'ip a': eth0 would return the private IP. (private) (public)

Because the installer only sees the address, it bombs saying that I 
can't use that public IP (being obfuscated by NAT). So, my question is: if I 
have to use the private IP for installs, what configs should I edit to make 
Apache/TC respond to the public IP as requests come into it?

I have already modified the conf/server.xml file, and added an 'address' 
filed/property.Apache might need some mods, I headed over to the httpd.conf 
file and didn't see anything out of the ordinary (except there are 0 
VirtualServer entries..)


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