Sabin Ranjit <sabinranjit@...> writes:

>     hi,
>     i followed this page for the installation of freeipa client over the
>     ubuntu 12.04
>     everything seem to go as mentioned in the page. when i get at the
>     freeipa server with the command ipa host-find 
>     i can even see my ubuntu server listed there with "Keytab: True". The
problem is that im not being able
>       to authenticate with the username listed in the freeipa server.
>       if i try to run : "su ldapuserid" ubuntu errors "unknown id:
>       ldapuserid"
>       i cant even ssh to the ubuntu server with the ldapuserid.
>       what can be the possible solutions?
>       please help. thanks.
>       regards,
>       sabin

Hi Sabin
Please try my howto:

I assembled it from that same mail and other sources


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